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100% Scholarship | Deakin University | Study in Australia

Your dream of studying in the World's Top 1% University is not so far away. Deakin University is based in Melbourne, the most student-friendly city in Australia. Established in 1974 and named after Australia's second Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, the Deakin University is an excellent choice for international students. Moreover, it's excellent reputation is based by its QS World Ranking of 233.

Being one of the most affordability-conscious universities in Australia, Deakin won't cost your parents their fortune. The 100% scholarship offer for Indians is the icing on the cake. Indian Citizens with an Indian Passport are eligible for this scholarship if they meet the academic requirements. The scholarship covers full tuition fees at Deakin University, and offers priority in payable on-campus housing spots. Students can choose to live on-campus or an independent place in Melbourne.

Academic Criteria for 100% Scholarship at Deakin University - fulfil one of these -

  1. Applicants must have at least 85% overall in CBSE / ICSE / State Boards

  2. A score of 10 on Cambridge A Levels

  3. A score of 32 on IBDP

  4. 80% in Undergraduate Degrees (for Masters and PhD students only)

Students must first apply for a place to study at Deakin University for their preferred Bachelor, Master or PhD programme. An application for this scholarship can be made once the student receives an offer from Deakin University. Applicants can reach out to ALAGS or other Educational Service Providers inorder to apply for a place to study.

Applicants will need the following documents in support of their application:-

  1. A personal statement of 300 words

  2. Two References to recommend your work in Community Engagement and Leadership Activities.

  3. Past Academic Transcripts

While applying for this scholarship is a challenging task and competition for a 100% scholarship is sky-high, ALAGS can help you get closer to your aim. You can apply to Deakin University directly via ALAGS ILE and our registered partners. At ALAGS, we closely work with our registered partners to ensure equitable access to good quality education.

How will ALAGS & our partners help you?

  • Find your Ikigai! - We work together to identify your Ikigai and choose the best course.

  • Get the offers you Deserve - We help you get the offers you deserve - as quickly as possible.

  • Build your Lifestyle - We work together to choose the best city that suits your lifestyle.

  • Get set to take off - Our professional partners conduct a preliminary review of your application to make sure you are all set to take off!

  • Speak English Proudly with IELTS - You receive support with your IELTS preparation by trainers who have scored 8+ band on the test.

  • Build yourselves Up! - If you have more time to apply, we work together to make your profile worthy of applying to our in-focus universities and scholarships.

  • Find an abode to live in! - We guide you to find an abode that you'll fall in love with.

  • Visa & Permissions - Our partners may be able to help you with Visa and Travel Documentation process.

Let's discuss your aspirations and take you to fly with us. Book a free appointment now.


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