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Estonia's first female PM sworn in as new government takes power

Estonia’s new prime minister has promised to revive the Baltic nation’s reputation, after two turbulent years during which a far-right party was a part of the country’s government.

“We will again build our relationships with our allies, our neighbours, and that we will attempt to restore our name as an honest country to take a position in,” Kaja Kallas told Reuters in Tallinn on Tuesday, after taking her oath of office.

The 43-year-old Kallas becomes the country’s first female prime minister since Estonia regained independence in 1991. The Reform Party, which she leads, won the foremost votes during a 2019 election , but was unable to make a government, because the rival Centre Party instead looked to the far-right EKRE and another right-wing party to make a controversial coalition, with Centre’s Juri Ratas as prime minister

Kallas, a former lawyer and MEP, is that the daughter of Sim Kallas, who founded the Reform Party and was prime minister in 2002-2003. She said gender balance was a crucial think about the new cabinet, with numerous women appointed to key positions, including the finance and foreign ministers.

Estonia is now one among just a couple of countries where both the top of state and of state are women, though president Kaljulaid’s five-year term will come to an end this year, and she or he has not yet announced whether she is going to seek another term.

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