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Himachal Pradesh: The most known unknown place

Himachal Pradesh, a place which a lot of people know about when it comes to its beauty, ever heard of the culture, languages or the things they follow there? Probably not, hence I’m here to take you through this amazing journey, think of it as a virtual tour.


You won’t believe your eyes or ears when I say that Himachal Pradesh practices and encompasses different religions from Hindu to Muslims to Sikhs, everyone is allowed to live there. The unique thing about Himachal Pradesh is the people there speak Hindi and other Pahari languages.


With the different varieties of tastes and flavours, sweet to spicy aromas fill the room. Not only do you have things like Chana Madra and Dham, but you also have Bhey, Aktori and much more, things people have never heard of. Interesting right? There’s much more than just this.


In 1948, Himachal Pradesh was established as a Chief Commissioner's Province within the Union of India. It became a Union Territory on 1st November, 1956. On 18th December, 1970 the State of Himachal Pradesh Act was passed by Parliament and the new state came into being on 25 January 1971.

When to Visit?

Himachal – just the name evokes dreamy images of green, white and blue. The best time to visit Shimla is during December to January when romance and beauty are baked into every inch of the soil here.

How to Reach?

Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible by road from Chandigarh, Kalka and Pathankot. Interstate bus services are available from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and other neighbouring cities. Within Himachal, a good public transport service and taxi services serve reach all destinations in the state. The Kangra Valley Railway is the major railway line that serves Himachal. It runs from Pathankot (Punjab) to Jogindernagar (Himachal). You can take a flight or drive up to Punjab, and then take a train from Pathankot, which takes approximately eight hours to reach Himachal Pradesh.

Where to Go?

  1. Shimla and Manali - The two most popular destinations of Himachal; Shimla and Manali have come a long way. From being quite, peaceful and serene; these two towns have attracted more people and tourists over the years. And rightly so, as most number of tourist attractions are located near Shimla and Manali, it becomes convenient to take a short one-day excursion in and around your preferred accommodations.

  2. Dharamshala- Dharamshala is one of those places that provides a perfect blend of peace and spirituality fulfilling trip. Colorful Tibetan flags, rolling prayer wheels, melodious sounds of chirping birds and ringing bells contribute to the rustic charm of this destination which is attracting a plethora of travellers from all over the world.

  3. Dalhousie- Yet another hill station in Himachal Pradesh that offers travellers the perfect detox and tranquil atmosphere. Ideal for families and honeymooners, we strongly recommend you to explore the plunging pine-clad valleys and gorgeous mountain scenery.

There are many such places awaiting your presence.

So, still confused if you should go visit Himachal Pradesh? I wonder what you are waiting for when it has the best food, culture, history and much more. What I have given must be just a quarter part of it. Go and book your tickets now! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to visit this place!


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