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From ALAG tiffin service to
ALAGS organisation.

Company Profile

It was around 2004 when Mrs. Lajwanti Bhatia started ALAG Tiffin Service which is now an international organization consisting of Sound and Video Recording Studio, Online Singing classes, Online tuitions, MUNs and Indian Social Force our non-profit sector. We all seek your support to expand, as we did in the last 16 years. Our team consists of P5 members, Ashok, Lajwanti, Alka, Gunjan, Sparsh. We have divided our work to support you all. We also have our wonderful secretariat for ALAGS E-Model United Nations from all over the world. We are here to cherry-pick your problems one by one and solve them out. If you want to know about our initial days, you can check out our blog post titled Initial Days!

Have a nice time!

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