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ALAGS Sunday Boot Camp

ALAGS World Wide Sunday Bootcamp

A Chance to co-work with people from different parts of the World, Together in different Branches of ALAGS, right from that comfortable couch in your Home.


No Need to Compromise your Studies, we Understand that the Schools are Opening and there is alot of pressure on students and we are here to adjust while providing you with Exclusive Work Experience. 

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hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j


Certificate of Participation (4 Week Trial Programme)

  • Certificate of Recognition (3 Mos / 6 Mos)

  • Letter of Appreciation*

  • No Compromise on Studies

  • Promotion to Full-Fledged Internship

NYC Skyline BW


NYC Skyline BW
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