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8 amazing things to do in Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo, the sole place in the world where you can eat Michelin-starred food for under $10, or sleep in a capsule. It is without a doubt one among the busiest, craziest, most bizarre cities on the planet! The list of things you can do here is literally endless, so I’ve made a shortlist of my top 7 picks of the most awesome experiences to have in Tokyo. These experiences will have you packing your travel bags to Tokyo, as soon as this pandemic is over!

Watch the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing in action

The prominent Shibuya Crossing is the utmost place to witness firsthand the insanity of Tokyo city. Sit upstairs at the nearby restaurant for the best view over the pedestrian crossing… Get ready for some serious people-watching to commence!

Mount Fuji always being in hide-n-seek mode

The great, remarkable Mount Fuji is visible from the capital of Tokyo for barely 80 days in a year! Heartbreaking, isn't it? But with proper planning, keeping the weather in mind, you can be fortunate enough to get a stunning view of the most revered mountain in Japan. In case you want a picture with Mount Fuji in the backdrop, try to make sure your trip is well planned - and of course, luck plays an important role too, so wish you all the best!

Two- Century old Restaurant

Komagata Dozeu eating house has been serving Tokyo within the same plot of land since 1801. Withstanding numerous earthquakes and volcanoes, this traditional restaurant has not modified much over the last 200 years! The entrance is no fancy, but has a few benches for those waiting in line; the main dining area still has tatami floors with cushions to sit on and small tables to eat off from. All dishes served here are made especially with a fish called Dozeu, or Dojo. This isn't just another Asian restaurant; it's an institution!

Capsule hotel

For many travelers, staying in a capsule hotel is a must-do when in Japan. They are the country’s icons, and with being the cheapest hotels, they do have the advantage of being quick and well-equipped for the no-nonsense tourist … and good for a story when you get home.

A vending machine that sells everything

In Tokyo, at every 12 meters, a vending machine will be waiting to serve you. And it's not just colas or candies, the vending machines of Tokyo give away clothes, hamburgers, surgical masks, flowers.. the list goes on and on! If you're dealing with hunger, buying a last-minute gift, or looking for a tie to match for a meeting - anything you want, just ask the vending machine!

Take a seat at Piss Alley/ Memory Lane

If you want to see a side of Tokyo that doesn’t involve neon signs or anime costumes, head to Piss Alley for an ‘authentic’ Japanese experience. Back in the 1940’s, Piss Alley was a black market drinking quarter, and earned its name from the lack of toilet facilities and consequential public urination on the nearby train tracks. This dingy alleyway still retains a strong sense of nostalgia for the post-war time (minus the smell!). Now, you’ll find it bursting with tiny bars/ restaurants, each that can squeeze in about ten people to the booth. It might be hard to picture but there is honestly something wonderful about squishing into a bar, drinking Sake and eating Yakitori (skewered meat) among locals.

Visit Akihabara

Make your way to Akihabara (Also the ‘Electric City’) and get ready for a sensory overload. This area is most famous for its anime and manga, and you’ll find no shortage of electronic shops, gaming arcades and stores devoted to comic books and cosplay! Getting dressed up as your favorite manga or anime character is the thing to do in Tokyo and ‘Cosplay’ (a type of performance art trend) is now catching on in many other countries around the world. If you happen to be taking a stroll around Harajuku in your normal casual weekend attire you might feel more than a little under-dressed amid all the gothic rock stars, lolitas, french maids and shiny video game characters.


Khushi Gupta
Khushi Gupta
Mar 11, 2021



The Tokyo blog is an interesting read....dint know the story behind Piss alley getting its name...its good to know such interesting facts...

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