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After the Mayanmar Coup, Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Mayanmar.

Rohingya refugees from myanmar living in camps in bangladesh condemned the military coup in their country and said it makes them more fearful to get back.

A counterinsurgency operation by Myanmar’s military in 2017 involving mass rape, murders and the torching of villages drove over 700,000 Rohingya Muslims into neighboring People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has hosted them in crowded refugee camps and is eager to start causing them back to Buddhist-majority myanmar. many tries at homecoming beneath a joint agreement unsuccessful as a result of the Rohingya refused to travel, fearing additional violence in an exceedingly country that denies them basic rights as well as citizenship.

Refugees same weekday they're additional afraid currently that the military is in complete management.

“The military killed us, raped our sisters and mothers, torched our villages. how is it attainable for us to remain safe beneath their control?” said Khin Maung, head of the Rohingya Youth Association in the camps in Cox’s Bazar district.

“Any peaceful homecoming can vastly be wedged,” he told The Associated Press. “It can take an extended time as a result of the political state of affairs in Asian nation is worse currently.”

Officials from myanmar and bangladesh met last month to discuss ways in which to start out the repatriations, with Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry apparent additional hopeful of success and officers spoken language they expected to start someday in June.

But refugees same they all oppose the military takeover.

“We strongly condemn the coup. we love democracy and human rights, so we ar worried about losing them in our country,” Maung said.

“We ar part of myanmar, so we feel the same as Myanmar’s common people. we urge the international community to raise its voice against the coup,” he said

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