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Animal Cruelty

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If someone were to ask you what is your favorite animal? Some would answer cats, dogs, fishes etc.

If you have a pet would you feel to harm them or hurt them in some way? Obviously your answer would be no, never. But there are some who harm animals for fun and for their gain. Millions of innocent animals are suffering from animal cruelty worldwide. Animal cruelty is where animals are mistreated or neglected by their owners or by people. Innocent animals are subjected to violence for fun, slaughtered for meat, tested and tortured by factories for products etc., all for human gain

For instance in Palakkad which is a district in Kerala, a pregnant elephant ate a pineapple which was stuffed with crackers. The crackers were placed in fields to get rid and protect the area from wild animals. The crackers then exploded and caused a severe injury in the elephant's mouth. Just a few hours later the elephant died standing while putting her mouth in water trying to ease the pain.

What can you do stop animal cruelty?

  • Giving more awareness on animal cruelty

  • Instead of buying, you can adopt animals.

  • Treat animals just like how you treat a person

  • Avoid purchasing products which are not cruelty free and make sure to do enough research on the products you are using or purchasing

  • Try to be involved in organizations who specialize in protecting animals or you can volunteer in animal shelters


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