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Kim Jong Un won't Denuclearize

North Korea's previous acting envoy to Kuwait trusts Kim Jong Un won't surrender his atomic munititions stockpile, however might be happy to arrange an arms decrease for alleviation from the worldwide assents devastating Pyongyang's economy.

In his first meeting since abandoning toward the South over a year back, Ryu Hyeon-charm revealed that North Korea's atomic force is straightforwardly connected to the soundness of the system - and Kim probably accepts atomic weapons are critical to his endurance.

Ryu additionally said past US organizations had enclosed themselves to a corner by requesting denuclearization in advance in dealings with the extremist state.

The US can't withdraw from denuclearization and Kim Jong Un can't denuclearize, he added.

The previous negotiator, who received the name Ryu after moving toward the South, is one of a few prominent North Korean authorities to abandon lately. The nation's top negotiator in Italy fled to South Korea in 2019, and Thae Yong-ho, the previous agent represetative to the United Kingdom, deserted in 2016. Thae has since been chosen for South Korea's National Assembly.

Ryu and his family surrendered to South Korea in September 2019, however their activities were just unveiled a week ago. Resolved to give their young little girl a superior life, Ryu said he and his significant other arranged their getaway for about a month while living in Kuwait.

Ryu said that on the off chance that they had been gotten, North Korean specialists would have immediately returned them all to Pyongyang for certain discipline, as abandonment is viewed as a significant shame to the Kim system and isn't trifled with.

They at long last informed their girl concerning the arrangement while professing to drive her to class.

"Accompany Mom and Dad to discover opportunity," Ryu told his little girl. "She was stunned, at that point said, 'OK.' That's all she said."

Ryu took his family toward the South Korean consulate in Kuwait to guarantee shelter. They headed out to South Korea a few days after the fact.

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