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Maldives: The Sunny side of Life

Bored of being at home all the time? Especially during this pandemic? Or is it that you’re tired of the environment? Iching to get adventurous? Needing a romantic vacation? Then damn you came to the right place to plan your trip. Maldives will literally blow your mind away with all the thrill it gives. You can go through fun side of life, colourful side of life, spiritual side of life, maldevian side of life and best of it all, romantic side of life.

Fun Side of Life: Each Island you visit, daily excursions and entertainment will always be available to you. Excursions will allow a better insight into Maldives for you and your family. You can do tons of things in and out of the sea, like night fishing, swilling with whales and mantas, dolphin watching, snorkeling with reefs, and on land, there is beach volley, tennis, badminton and many more sports worth enjoying. Obviously for kids, there is a child play area, and fun activities in almost all resorts.

Spiritual Side of Life: In the Maldives, a spa is, let’s say, more than just a spa. It’s an experience, a journey that will touch your soul. A journey that you can indulge yourself in, and an opportunity to splurge on your mind, body and soul. Their luxurious environs and classy touches will feel like heaven. And, we can never forget comfort with food where you can have hot black tea with short eats in a seaside cafe or barbeque on the beach for lunch.

Maldevian Side of Life: With a total of a thousand and two hundred islands, all with their own unique ways and ideas, you will never get bored or tired of observing. Their culture, and craft that has been shaped by the resources which were available to them from their surroundings and the different skills that were brought to them by the difference of settlers from around the Indian Ocean, who made the islands their home, can never be overlooked or forgotten.

Romantic side of Life: Tread the soft white sands of the beach as you walk hand in hand, letting the gentle waves lap your feet. Feel the breeze on your face and immerse in the music made by the rustle of the palms. You leave footsteps behind, as you color the dreams of your life ahead. There is no better place for romance, where all the ingredients for love come together in perfect harmony, where you commit or recommit to each other to love and to cherish for the rest of your lives. Love is in the air, wherever you are. No wonder the Maldives is one of the most desired honeymoon destinations for couples ready to tie the knot, across the world.And no place can ever beat the types of romantic pictures you can take here. You might just make everyone else too jealous of where you are and how much fun you are having. It might also be a romantic and a perfect getaway from your normal lives.

To know more about the rules and regulations during the pandemic times, Do look at these Covid-19 rules updates and have as much fun as you can.


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