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Meghalaya: Journeys that will make you a Storyteller

Meghalaya, literally translated to ‘Abode of Clouds’, is richly endowed with natural beauty. Everywhere you go, you will never cease to be mystified by the spectacular charm the state offers; from cascading waterfalls, lush green forests, deep caves, amazing and mesmerising culture and tradition to hospitable and friendly people. Visit us and be charmed and captivated for life.

Best time to visit:

The best time is between October and April when the weather is refreshing and calming.

Places to visit:

Living root Bridges- It might be one of the most famous parts of Meghalaya, shrouded in rains and clouds for most time of the year, as the tribe members there train them to grow from the rubber trees. It might also be one of the most beautiful trekking lands where journey can be compared to the destination too.

Mawlynnong- A village meaning ‘God’s own Garden’, was also called as one of the cleanest villages and the scenic view is worth a long drive needed to reach there. Although it is also near to Living roots bridge and you can stay at the village guesthouse for the night. There is a remarkable Sky View platform nearly 80 feet up giving you a panoramic village across till Bangladesh. And the best part is that this platform was built atop a bamboo tree making it more amazing.

Krang Suri Falls- In Meghalaya, there are waterfalls and there's Krang Suri. This small but stunning waterfall is tucked away near Jowai, about an hour northeast of Dawki. It's possible to go swimming although you'll be told to wear a life-jacket. Changing rooms and toilets are provided. Its astonishing view will surely prove you stunned and dazed.

Caves- Visiting the cave there will leave you mesmerised and might even give you willingness to live there. There are mainly 7 types of caves open to tourists. You can also see the longest natural cave, Krem Liat Prah, which will leave you mystified.

Things you can do:

Trekking- Meghalaya is known for being one of the best wilderness trekking places in the world where the thrill of bamboo trek or a random mountain trekking with no real passage will leave you all very refreshed and adventurous.

Zipline- If you have a thrill of being scared out of your mind, this will surely leave you amazed and with more adrenaline rush than ever.

Boating- You cannot miss boating at the wonderful lakes of Meghalaya which will surely leave you captivated and entranced.

Living with tribes- If you do not live with the tribes for a few days, you might not find your trip worth it after all. You can just go and book a guesthouse at one of tribal lands and see how amazing it is to live with them. Their culture and customs will take you through a roller coaster of thrilling adventure.

Brought to you by, Vriti from ALAGS Pleasure Hunt.


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