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NAWALGARH- The open air art gallery

Fondly known as "the land of Havelis" or "open air art gallery", the small town of Nawalgarh is located just 30 kms away from Jhunjhunu.

It is believed that when Marwaris went off to the cosmo cities like Bombay and Calcutta in search of work, they sent their hard earned money back to their homes in Nawalgarh, along with artists in order to build plush palaces and show off their wealth. All this converted

nawalgarh from a minature town to 'the land of havelis'.

Few places you cannot miss visiting here are:

1. Sheesh mahal nawalgarh-Sheesh Mahal translates to Palace of Mirrors in English and this gorgeous edifice is no short of that. It is an astounding building with a ceiling mural that includes maps of Nawalgarh and Jaipur.

2. RoopNiwas palace-About one km from the Nawalgarh fort is the salubrious Roop Niwas Palace. Built by Thakur Kunwar Jagmal Singh Ji. The palace is enchanting with a well-laid garden and fountains. It has now been converted into a heritage hotel.

3. Dr. Ramnath A Podar Haveli Museum-Built-in 1902 on the eastern side of town, and known locally as 'Podar Haveli', this is one of the region’s few buildings to have been thoroughly restored. The paintings of this haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) are the most vivid murals in town, although purists point to the fact that they have been simply repainted rather than restored.

4. Bhagton ki Choti Haveli - Located near the market, this haveli boasts of a different and varied selection of murals, including a European-style angel and Queen Victoria, and there is Krishna and Radha on a swing. There is one painting of seven women in the shape of an elephant.

5. Aath Haveli Complex - An eight Havelis complex, although only six of them were completed, has some of the finest murals in a range of styles in Shekhawati. It is a sight to behold.

6. Muraka haveli-The Muraka Haveli has a richly painted exterior, with elephants, horses, and a pair of fine blue carriages, plus miniatures showing scenes from the life of Krishna.

7. Other Havelis of note are Khedwal Haveli, Kulwal Haveli, SurajmalChhauchharia Haveli, PannalalMansingka Haveli, Khokhani Haveli, and the JodhrajPatodia Double Haveli. The Krishna Temple here dates from the 18th century and has some delicate chhatris.

Ways to reach-

By Air - The capital city of Rajasthan,Jaipur is at a distance of hundred kilometers from Nawalgarh. Jaipur happens to be the nearest airport that connects Nawalgarh with the other major cities of India by air.

By Rail - In terms of rail transport the railway station at Nawalgarh caters to the tourists and other travelers of train from the neighboring areas.

By Road - The road network links Nawalgarh with most of the major towns of Rajasthan.

Local Guide

Once you reach Nawalgarh you may opt for hiring jeeps or auto rickshaws to travel locally. At Nawalgarh food and accommodation are easily available. There are budget hotels and other restaurants that cater to the needs of the tourists of varying pocket sizes.

Check them out at,

Nawalgarh is not just the place for sightseeing, but it also enables you to steal a self-indulgent moment for yourself as well. World standards, extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make the place a highly coveted point of tourist interest. Do not forget to carry your camera and capture special moments.


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