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Phuket Thailand - ALAGS PleasureHunt

Phuket is a place that not many people are aware about. With the beautiful greenery, it can inspire millions and thousands of people to travel more. Phuket city is the capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. It is known for the beaches with the water acting like a blanket, encompassing the land. Thalang road is lined up with colorful and bright 19-century shophouses and Sino-Portuguese buildings.

Biodiversity is a huge topic that people are going for and that’s exactly what this city has with Muslims, Sea Gypsies, -Thai Buddhists and much more. Phuket is not only known for its magnificent scenery but also the fun activities you can do there. It is filled with adventure and excitement as if you’re going down a roller coaster.

Ever heard of Phi Phi Island? No, then it’s a good time to start. It is known for the monkeys that roam over there. Then you have the Big Buddha, it cost 30 million baht to construct and is 45 metres tall. Can you believe that?

How to Reach Phuket from India

Phuket being home to a personal international airport has several direct flights flying to and from India. There are many flight services that fly on regular basis including Air India, AirAsia, Thai Airways, IndiGo and other from various India cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmadabad etc.

Now fly to Phuket from anywhere in the world

Phuket International Airport is the second busiest in Thailand, just after Bangkok. There are several direct flights to the island from many Asian and European countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and many more. One can also take a flight to Bangkok and then a domestic flight to Phuket. There are also affordable direct flights from India, Macau, Seoul and Busan. From airport there are mini bus services, metered taxis and shuttle bus service that would take you to different parts of the island.

Longing for a Bus Journey?

There are two bus terminals in Phuket, the old one located in the center of Phuket Town while the new one few kilometers to the north of the city. Old terminal is more like domestic terminal with buses plying to Takua Pa, Phang Nga, to all the beaches etc. The new terminal offers domestic bus services along with long distance buses plying to routes up till Bangkok. BKS buses offer the most reliable service between Bangkok and Phuket. It takes about 13 hours to complete the journey and cost around THB 650-950. There are also private bus operators, which can be booked online such as Phuket Travel Tour, Bus Express, Phuket Central Tour and Phuket Travel Service.

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit this beautiful, surreal place like you have no tomorrow! You only live once and this is your time to shine.

By- Adia; Edited by Sparsh Sumani


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