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Rajasthan: The land of Kings

Rajasthan ‘Land of Kings’ or ‘Land of Kingdom’ is India’s largest state by area. The literal meaning is the land of kings where ‘Raj’ refers to the king and ‘Sthan’ stands for the place. Despite being a desert land, Rajasthan is not all about sands. Rajasthan is often known as the most color-coordinated state where popular cities of Rajasthan are also devoted to a separate color; Jaipur pink, Udaipur White, Jodhpur with blue and many more.

With this there are many more things in Rajasthan known for. Jaipur for its authenticity, Kota for its studies, Udaipur for its lakes, and so many more. And you can never forget the forts. The palaces and forts will amaze you as it has for so many more people. Even the swift change in color of sky and terrain is something to look forward to. One can never forget the story of Kuldhara, the town that was abandoned overnight in the 1800s and no one has ever been able to live there again. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If not the forts you come here for, what about the most luxurious train, ‘Palace on Wheels’ This train is the most luxurious train of the world with having a 7 nights & 8 days itinerary departing from New Delhi (Day 1), and covering Jaipur (Day 2), Sawai Madhopur and Chittorgarh (Day 3), Udaipur (Day 4), Jaisalmer (Day 5), Jodhpur (Day 6), Bharatpur and Agra (Day 7), and returning to New Delhi (Day 8).

And the cities! Oh please, each is worth 2 days individually to just complete the sightseeing. Then there are the shows you can watch, sovereigns to buy, and places to visit that will just blow your mind.

Few of the places that I have already written about are:


Being one of the oldest and maybe the first planned city in India, Jaipur is quite a bustling and yet cultural city to be at. I recently visited Jaipur considering we had a family function going on and seriously speaking, it might have been one of the most interesting places to be at. Excluding all the fun I had at the function, I found out there are quite some good places to visit and things to do at Jaipur which I did not realise. Now, truthfully, I could not visit all places I wanted to but I will still list the places for you to visit. Remember, plan your trip for at least 15 days if you want to have the best experience. Going there during the months of November and January might be a good idea. Do not try summer vacations unless you are used to desert heat.

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When you think of Kings and palaces of India, there is no way you would miss thinking of Jodhpur. Being one of the most fascinating places in India with royal history, Jodhpur is also known as ‘Blue City’. Owing to the Lord Shiva’s followers who settled here and colored their house blue being sacred to the god, the city itself looked quite blue and majestic giving itself the name of Blue City.

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Need a romantic visit to someplace where you can fall in love? Well you can never miss the Venice of East. Yes, Udaipur is also known as Venice of East. With this, Udaipur also has many more names like Kashmir of Rajasthan and White city. Most of the names are related to the large number of lakes that Udaipur has and how so many of them are actually natural and not man-made. You can never miss the beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views and obviously the lakes. The name ‘White City’ got into existence because back then, kings and rulers made palaces and forts made of white marble over there. The main center of attraction is the City Palace at the center of the White city.

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Jaisalmer was once having a golden period during the reign of the Rajput rulers. It is still remembered as the golden era of Jaisalmer in the book of history. Jaisalmer too has its own glorious past to boast about. That’s the golden era. It all started from the 12th century, when Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Rajput ruler founded the city in 1156 A.D. He had built the Jaisalmer Fort on the Trikoota Hilltop. And with a whole town standing on the hill-top of the golden-yellowish sandstone, lying right in the heart of Great Indian desert, thus the name Golden City of India.

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