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One of the most visited cities in the USA, Washington, DC offers a variety of interesting experiences, from learning about American history and government to seeing many of the most iconic sights in the country. This vibrant city is also home to great food, art, cultural attractions, and much more.

Washington, D.C, is the capital city of the United States of America. It is located on the east bank of the Potomac River and was named after George Washington, the first president of the United States. It is one of the most visited cities in the U.S., seeing over 20 million visitors in 2016. Though it’s a bustling city, Washington, D.C., has lots of wildlife. Mammals such as Virginia opossums, groundhogs, brown bats, and flying squirrels are easily found here. You might even spot the U.S. national bird: the bald eagle!. You’ll also see native trees including maple, cherry, cedar, and oak, and lots of colorful flowers like columbine, bleeding hearts, sunflowers, geraniums, and bluebells.

Much of the attractiveness of Washington can be attributed to the hundreds of outdoor sculptures and monuments that adorn the parks, gardens, buildings, avenues, and cemeteries of the city.

Some fun stuff to do at Washington DC

Washington DC offers a great blend of visual and cultural experiences to its visitors. For the fact that it is located next to the Potomac River and has some of the most iconic neoclassical buildings.

While there are plenty of places to see in Washington DC, here is a list of some fun places to visit in Washington DC that will offer you a true glimpse of this historic city and its culture.

1. The Smithsonian Institution- This is a group of 17 museums, where you can see the Hope Diamond, the plane the wright brothers made history in, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

2. National geographic society- D.C. is home to another cool institution: National Geographic! The National Geographic Society was founded in D.C. in 1888 and is still headquartered here. You can visit their Compact museum, where photographs & rotating exhibits on scientific expeditions & explorations are displayed.

3. Tour the National Mall- There are dozens of memorials to visit in Washington DC, but many of the most popular are all on or around the National Mall, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial, and many more.

4. The National Gallery of Art- The National Gallery of Art preserves, collects, exhibits, and fosters an understanding of works of art.

5. The White House- The White House is where the President and First Family of the United States live and work — but it’s also the People’s House, where we hope all Americans feel a sense of inclusion and belonging. Tours are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All White House tours are free. ... For complete details on White House tours, visit the White House tours and events page or call the White House Visitors Office 24-hour information line at (202) 456-7041.

6. Explore Historic Georgetown- The oldest neighborhood in Washington DC is older than the city itself. This residential neighborhood is full of history, shopping, and great food. It is a unique part of the city and a great place to wander.

7. THE NATIONAL ZOO- A part of the Smithsonian Institution, the National Zoo is also free to the public. It has also earned a reputation as one of the world’s best zoos with more than 2,000 different animals of 400 species. Adults and children are enthralled by a visit here where you can see Giant Pandas, Great Apes, Lions, Cheetahs, Tigers, Asian Elephants, Gray Wolves, California Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Sloth Bears, Giraffes and many more.

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Ways to reach

By flight

Washington Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Virginia is the primary airport to land reach DC. Another international airport is the Baltimore International Thurgood Marshall Airport, about 40 miles away in Baltimore, Maryland.

By road

You can take a taxi for a getaway to a nearby city, though it can be heavy on your pocket. Driving on your own wouldn't be a great idea.

By train

Amtrak provides great connectivity throughout the Northeast Corridor. You can travel from Maryland to Maryland Rail Commuter, or get a seat in Virginia Railway Express to reach DC from Virginia.

By bus

Buses can be used to commute from nearby cities to the District. There are many bus companies which provide this service.

Local transport in Washington

Metro rail is the most efficient way to get around Washington DC. Some other public transport options include metro buses and cabs. Driving in DC is a bad idea.

Some recommended places to stay

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While Washington, D.C. doesn’t have any glaring claim to historic dishes of its own, cooks, restaurants and cafes have, over the decades, incorporated ingredients, techniques, and dishes from myriad cities, cultures, regions, countries, and cuisines. Gradually, these have evolved into signature dishes, becoming part of the local lore.


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