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Young Leaders at ALAGS

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Started in 2004, by Mrs. Lajwanti Bhatia - ALAGS is now an International organisation working in different sectors ranging from E-Commerce to Education. Young Leaders at ALAGS work together with people from different nations to discuss real world issues. We provide a platform to the young people to connect with each other in the form of Open Discussion Forums, MUNs and Live Sessions, free of cost. We work hand in hand with ALAGS News to organise fire side conversations and share geopolitics related news.

ALAGS 2022 - New Year Premiere - All information shared in the video is as on 1st Jan, 2022.

Young Leaders at ALAGS work together to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 17. As SGD 17 highlights the significance of Partnerships in achieving the goals, which are the need of the hour, young leaders must prioritise the goal to create a mutual understanding among the young minds for sustainable development. We have organised 15 World-Wide MUNs, 2 Regional MUNs (Africa, Middle East), 13 Open Discussion Forums. Our aim is to distraction-less opportunities for people to connect with not so like minded peers (and accept them) through MUNs, ODFs and other events. We collaborated with our friends in Africa to organise AAMUN - ALAGS African Edition where we received over 400 applications and we connected with delegates from Africa to the main stream MUN circuit virtually. Collaborating with Mukti Foundation, we worked with young students with very poor socio-economic background in our Mid-East edition.

Young Leaders at ALAGS plan to boost the spirit of partnerships by helping young minds with different opinions and different countries discuss the real world problems. We use MUNs as a tool for letting people acknowledge opposite opinions by representing the so called rival countries (of their home country) as they compare their line of approach with that of other nations and students from other countries about the same issues.

Our MUNs are free of cost and virtual. We have invested and spent ₹0 (Nil) yet are working with students to achieve global partnerships. Our MUNs and events are even accessible to those, who don’t have access to internet, we partnered with Mukti Foundation to organise our MUN in the hybrid format, where participants from poor-socio-economic background collectively participated in the MUN through their centre. We are looking forward to partner with more such organisations and create a more inclusive environment.

We would like to share some links about our past work.

ALAGS African Edition MUN-


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