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How does ALAGS ILE Help you Study Abroad?

How will ALAGS & our partners help you?

  • Find your Ikigai! - We work together to identify your Ikigai and choose the best course.

  • Get the offers you Deserve - We help you get the offers you deserve - as quickly as possible.

  • Build your Lifestyle - We work together to choose the best city that suits your lifestyle.

  • Get set to take off - Our professional partners conduct a preliminary review of your application to make sure you are all set to take off!

  • Speak English Proudly with IELTS - You receive support with your IELTS preparation by trainers who have scored 8+ band on the test.

  • Build yourselves Up! - If you have more time to apply, we work together to make your profile worthy of applying to our in-focus universities and scholarships.

  • Find an abode to live in! - We guide you to find an abode that you'll fall in love with.

  • Visa & Permissions - Our partners may be able to help you with Visa and Travel Documentation process.

The 10-Step Guide to Study Abroad with ALAGS

  1. Book the Appointment:- You share your interest to Study Abroad by booking an appointment with ALAGS ILE Team.

  2. University Shortlist:- Our team will understand your needs and desires over the Study Abroad Session. Based on the requirements, we will create a university shortlist for you. At ALAGS I.L.E., you can apply to 3 universities across all our focus countries simultaneously.

  3. Documentation:- Once you select the top 3 preferences, we will help you understand the documentation requirements. Every country has their own rules, for example, GTE or GST systems in Australia. We will guide you to fill out the forms and complete the documentation effectively.

  4. SOP, Essays & IELTS:- Statement of Purpose, is currently the only way where you can put your heart out to the university team. While you will be solely writing the SOP based on your circumstances, we will help you identify the key criteria and guide you in the SOP writing process. Many students need to take IELTS exam based on their choice of University and Country. Optionally, we also provide IELTS classes that students can take to have a better understanding of the exam.

  5. Application Submissions:- Once your documents are ready, we make sure that the application reaches the admissions office in the best possible way. ALAGS and our partners work tirelessly to ensure the best & swiftest results for our students.

  6. Receive your Dream Offer Letter:- Once the application gets lodged, it takes around 4 to 12 weeks to get an admissions decision. Since ALAGS & partners are experienced with drafting the right applications, it might be possible to receive the decisions quicker.

  7. Confirm your Admission:- Getting your dream offer letter is not the end, instead it is the beginning of your new journey. Once you get an offer letter, as per the university terms, you will be asked to pay the initial deposit. This often includes the fees for the first semester. Once you pay the fees and complete all the offer conditions, the university will issue an invitation letter or Confirmation of Enrollment.

  8. Visa Formalities:- Based on the country, our partners may be able to help you with the visa and medical formalities. For example, our partners may help you to get quicker medical appointments or sort the right documentation and apply for an Australian Student Visa.

  9. Pre-Departure Support:- We support you in finding a place to live, your abode in your dream city. We help you get the best sim plan, bank account and other essentials for seamless integration in a foreign country.

  10. Get, Set, Success!:- Once you commence your studies, you join a community of like-minded students. We don't break up so soon. ALAGS ILE team will constantly remain in touch and occasionally offer opportunities such as Internships, Part Time Jobs, Information Sessions etc. We help you fly, higher and higher.

Take the first step, book your free appointment today.


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