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ALAGS - About

ALAGS, started as a family business by Mrs. Lajwanti Bhatia, in 2004 in Lucknow is now an International Organisation with interests in different verticals like Education, Aviation and Societal Benefits under the leadership of Lajwanti Bhatia ji and Mr. Sparsh Sumani. 

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One of the feathers on the ALAGS  Cap is our motive to create an International Learning Environment. In this sector, we focus on Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Education.  Out Tutorials Center for the future of the world, ALAGS Brain Tech Tutorials and the soul soother ALAGS Rhythm Academy of Performing Arts come under ALAGS ILE.

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Social Foundation

We can't forget the importance of the mother earth and its people, the society which plays an important role in shaping the seed of the next century.  Away from the spirit of destruction, away from the spirit of war, ALAGS Social Foundation aims to boost International Co-Operation among the Youth. Events like ALAGS ODF, ALAGS World-Wide E-MUN, ALAGS Article Writing Competitions are organised by or in collaboration with ALAGS Social Foundation


ALAGS Galerie D' Elite, which is our Luxurious Online Mall helps you stay ahead about what's trending in a sustainable way. You can find about your favourite brands like Forest Essentials, Label Ritu Kumar, AND, etc. Or, you can shop jewelry from Candre by Kalyan.

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Clothing is a great way to express ourself and at ALAGS we are deep into the spirit of Gender-Less Fashion. If you are on a budget, then ALAGS Store can help you get that affordable, yet trendy outfit If you can wait a little to get your order shipped, ALAGS Store can  be your best friend.


At ALAGS News, we focus on International Relations, Geopolitics and Major Actions. We also run our Live Instagram Show, ALAGS Interact where Sparsh Sumani, CEO at ALAGS, interviews great personalities who can inspire others. These interviews are available as Guide on You can also catch our e-newspaper, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it's Free.

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It is okay to take care of yourself, it is okay to get out of daily hustle and bustle and have a soul-soothing experience. If you are ready to take the step, travel solo or spend time with your family on a vacation or accomplish that pending Goa plan with your friends, ALAGS Pleasure Hunt can help you build memories that you'll never forget.


Interested in our work, let's do it together. At, ALAGS we aim to provide that work experience, for free for which your friends pay thousands in the name of training. We believe that people learn by doing things, and that is what we implement. Once you join ALAGS, you do such diverse tasks right from your home, that makes you realise your potential and ALAGS is always there to hold your hand in your journey towards self-actualisation.

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We hear you, and we Understand. In the new era of Change, there is confusion all around. In many countries, students are being pressurised to study so much that they have no room left for other activities. Here we introduce, Sunday Bootcamp where you can experience being an intern only on Sundays and manage the studies other days of the week. Furthermore, you can convert into a full-fledged intern, upon consultation with your team leaders. It's Free.

Private Plane Ride over Mumbai
Private Plane Ride over Mumbai
Multiple Dates
15 Jun 2024, 11:00 am








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