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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs - Sparsh | ALAGS ILE

What are the Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

  1. Innovation: The ability to do things differently after taking original ideas.

  2. Leadership Skills: An entrepreneur needs to lead people and motivate them so as to produce efficient results, they also need to build trust among their employees.

  3. Risk Taking: Entrepreneurs must be willing to take risks to see the results. They should be well aware of the risk to reward ratio and know how to take calculated risks.

  4. Commitment and Self-Motivation: A willingness to work hard, keen determination to succeed, energy and focus are required to become a successful entrepreneur. They need to be committed towards their work and set realistic goals.

  5. Self Confidence and the ability to bounce back: Even after failing several times, an entrepreneur needs to know how to get back and should never be afraid of trying again. Remember that ant story? It fails a hundred times and still reaches the top.

  6. Multiskilled: An entrepreneur should be capable to do different tasks, like accounting, marketing, managing etc. However, they may choose to specialise in one. They should be aware about the steps they take and should focus on the task being done while understanding the difference between being multi skilled and multi tasking.

Inspired from- Cambridge University Press - A Level Business Text Book


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