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Desi, Dainty and Dashing: Label Ritu Kumar

The quote “Playing dress up beings at five and never truly ends” coined by the iconic Kate Spade is surely what every fashionista has lived by for the entirety of their lives and their closet’s.

Indian’s ethnic wear is very famous all across the globe, be it the vibrant colours, patterns and prints that narrate tales or even the heavy embellishments. The ethnic wear industry has always flourished, no matter what location.

While it is a very beautiful representation of the intricate tales our cultures harness in every pleat of the fabric, it is a bit of a hassle to don a lehenga- that is heavier than a sac of potatoes- to celebrate our culture.

But Label Ritu Kumar, has managed to tackle exactly this with her range of clothing. Established in 2002 as a sub-brand of Ritu Kumar, for two decades, this brand has managed to incorporate comfort, classy and culture into their pieces.

They have a touch of western bling and eastern elegance in their clothing. They also offer essentials like skinny jeans, crop tops and button downs. And they cater to every fashionista who wants to blind everyone with their glamour.

This printed dress’ patterns managed to capture the rusticity of indian prints and the relaxed feel of the western clothing.

The same print can be found in a different style with this off-shoulder, long dress that perfectly encapsulates subtle and sultry.

Both of those looks can be paired with this scarf for a classy twist of elegance and exuberance.

The sizing of all the pieces on their website is also very inclusive for Indian women, ranging from XS to XXL on most of their pieces and suitable for most body types found in Southern Asia.

The pricing is a bit on the more ‘expensive’ side, however, considering the fact that this is a luxury brand, it is relatively cheap and every paise is worth for the quality that is served to the individuals upon purchase.

And the designer, Ritu Kumar, has been a major influence to the robust styles she has served to the Indian audience since the year 1969, and her level of expertise and effort is very evident in each and every garment and accessory on the website, be it a simple handbag or a cocktail dress.


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