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Intense Perfumed Body Mist Chandani Raatein - By Forest Essentials

This scent begins with a top note of Ruh Motiya blended with hints of white Jasmine that lend a soft sensuality to the fragrance. At the heart of this perfume lies the seductive floral overtones of Ruh Motiya and an enchanting note of White Jasmine or Nayamalika, which together bring a soft and evocative sensuality to the fragrance. Sourced from Madurai in South India, these coveted Jasmine flowers are plucked at dawn when the first rays set in and their intoxicating fragrance is at its zenith, with their petals freshly covered in a veil of dew. Infused with fragrant Golden Champa and enticing Raat ki Raani, Chandani Raatein finishes with a sensorial base note of a deeply opulent Sandalwood that has a harmonious and calming effect on the senses. It contains Aloe Vera Juice for hydration .It is made using traditional Ayurvedic method with natural, Pure Grain Alcohol. It's long lasting aroma of essential oils that leave the skin scented for hours. It is free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals. It is an amazing product and is worth purchasing .

It is priced in India at Rs.4800 /- , this or similar products can also be purchased through ALAGS in USA and Singapore and other countries. If you wish to place your order in any country , contact us on WhatsApp-

or buy it from (The Forest Essentials) Store Link-


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