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Pamper your hair in the depth of luxury with Forest Essentials

Be it the daily wear and tear, stress or our inability to maintain and care for it, our hair sure does go through a lot! Hairfall, dandruff, dryness… You name it and at least one of those problems has devastated us once at least. When we do try to provide aid to hair for these ailments however, the solution lies in a bottle filled with chemicals that are used to wash dishes and preservatives the lead to the emergence of other problems. And what’s worse is the fact that the lustre we desire lasts for a day, while the predicaments last for weeks or even longer!

However, thanks to the sagacity of our ancestors and the esoterica known to the land of India since the beginning of time, Ayurveda, we can say ‘Goodbye!’ to these problems and enjoy the hair we desire, the hair we deserve.

Forest Essentials, founded by Mira Kulkarni in 2000, boasts a brilliant range of haircare products that is sure to nourish your hair for ages to come and provide the care it requires. They have been doing this for decades and their level of expertise is clearly shown in the quality of their packaging, advertising and the product itself.

Photo Source- Forest Essentials

Their Hair Care products range from a wide variety of pre-shampoo masques made from Japapatti (Hibiscus) to Cold-pressed Virgin Hair Oils and Hair Cleansers that harness the mistifying essences of Bhringraj (False Daisy) and Shikakai (Soap Nut). The best part of this range is the fact that all of their products are Paraben-free, which is very rare to spot in today’s haircare market. All of these products also address problems unique to individuals so your hair is getting the 100% it needs.

Considering how Forest Essentials is the first Indian holistic beautycare brand to enter the international luxury market, most of its products are still relatively affordable considering their quality and effectiveness. They definitely are an effective investment to improve hair health, in the long term. So if you have the chance to buy these sublime products, seize it!

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Written by- Sanajana Rayudu, Team ALAGS


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