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How the EU’s icy relationship with Russia plunged to a new low — and why it matters

LONDON — A new public interview between the EU's top representative and Russia's veteran unfamiliar priest exhibited discretionary ties have plunged to an amazing failure, inciting a few experts to address whether the "embarrassing" outing could prompt further political outcomes.

EU international strategy boss Josep Borrell visited Moscow on Friday to voice the EU's resistance to the capture of Alexei Navalny, a wild pundit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nonetheless, Borrell neglected to repel his Russian partner's remarks when remaining close to him at the question and answer session. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had guaranteed the EU was an "untrustworthy accomplice."

Likewise, Borrell learned through Twitter during his visit that Russia had ousted three EU negotiators for going to shows on the side of Navalny.

"My gathering with serve Lavrov featured that Europe and Russia are floating separated. It appears to be that Russia is dynamically detaching itself from Europe," Borrell said in a blog entry two days after the question and answer session. He depicted it as "an extremely muddled visit to Moscow."

His questionable outing was so ineffectively got that a gathering of 73 European officials said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen "should make a move, if Borrell doesn't leave voluntarily." In a joint letter, they said Borrell fizzled "to represent the interests and estimations of the European Union during his visit," which caused "extreme harm to the standing of the EU."

The connections between the EU and Russia have been irritable for quite a while, however their ties are basic given their shared monetary, energy and vital interests.

Jade McGlynn, an exploration individual at the Henry Jackson Society think tank, portrayed the EU-Russia relationship as "icily burnable" following Borrell's outing to Moscow. "The EU doesn't have an appropriate Russia procedure. There is no reason for having a reset with Russia when Russia doesn't need it," she said.

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