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How to build a new Habit - Make it Attractive

We all face numerous issues setting good habits and breaking the bad ones. Definitely it is a time consuming process and it’s not at all instant. Yes, you read it correctly. It’s not a task but a process and it doesn’t mean on how long we do it for.

So what determines our habits?

It is that how often we do it and how many times we do it. It should be as many times as your current problems.

But what will make you do it again and again?

For that, you have to make it more attractive. One of the important characteristics of the tasks that turn into habits is that they are attractive. You have to make things more and more appealing so that you do it again and again. To make it attractive, you need to pair it with something that you already like. For example, I paired revising my notes with going to the lounge on the terrace of the hotel, I was staying in while in Kasauli.

You don’t really have to go to mountains or stay in expensive hotels for that, instead you can pair it with something as simple as having coffee or even playing your favourite game or watching an episode of your favourite show after finishing a chapter. This is easy, it won’t cost you money but in the long term may flood your pockets with money if used correctly.


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