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Initial Days!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

2nd, JULY, 2004, Mrs. Lajwanti Bhatia, founded ALAG Tiffin Service (Now ALAGS Group). Those days, there were very fewer restaurants in Lucknow and all of the family members are experts in cooking. People working in offices had to travel a few kilometers after their office hours just to get food, Mrs. Lajwanti Bhatia came up with a solution, to provide food at office desk, ALAG emerges as one of the first Tiffin Service Providers in the town. ALAG used to provide food at the office desk, there were delivery boys assigned to deliver homemade food to those who were away from home. At that time it was really budget-friendly, 25/- for a Tiffin which includes Dal, Rice, Chappati, Vegies, Curd, and Raita. It was very tough to reach all such people and invest in such a business around 16 years ago. Before we go too deep in ALAG history, you need to know about our family,







Ashok Kumar Bhatia Ji, the first A of ALAGS in the husband of Lajwanti Bhatia Ji, he is retired Vice-Principal from Central Schools Organisation, we all know that people serving in Cental School are like "Bhatakti Aatma", at that time Ashok Ji, got posted to Mathura, where there was a similar situation, he had to travel for a few kilometers to get food or had to cook at his home at 4AM early morning, those were very tough days there but to compensate and help such people here in Lucknow, Lajwanti Ji, decided to start this Tiffin service so that people like Ashok don't suffer, our clients were students form Medical University and employees working in Bank, we helped them all, the cost of chapati (Indian Bread) at that time was 1/- that means 1 today's USD could get you 74 chappatis at that time. So, everyone could afford it, well, Lajwanti Ji, is a big "Daani Maha-Atma" if anyone would not have money to buy, she used to feed them for free for months! Good Job Mamma!

An evening before 25th July, ie. 24TH Evening, Mamma (Lajwanti Ji) went alone to bazars and bought 4 tiffins worth 150/- each with this she started ALAG, her 1st Order was by her Brother, as its said Charity Begins at Home, I now believe Bussiness Begins at Home too as here early 4 orders were from all the family members which later expanded when I was added, I mean born on 7th APRIL, 2005, which changed ALAG to ALAGS, yes, its me, Sparsh Sumani, 15-year-young boy, C.E.O. of ALAGS Group. In further articles, ill tell you what I did, when I was born. Follow me on Instagram for more updates! @sparshsumani





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