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New Zealand PM urges Australia to 'do the right thing' over terror suspect's citizenship

On Tuesday the 16th of February , New Zealand Prime Minister , Jacinda Ardern accused Australia of forgoing its responsibilities by cancelling the citizenship of a woman who’s is being detained in turkey and is been accused of having ties to the islamic state .

Turkish authorities , on Monday , state that they had captured 3 individuals - 2 children and a 26-yr old woman trying to enter Turkey illegally from Syria . PM Ardern told reporters that this woman had held both Australian ad New Zealand citizenships , however the Australian government cancelled her citizenship forcing New Zealand to shoulder the responsibility for the woman who has not lived in New Zealand since she was of 6 years of age .

"New Zealand, frankly, is tired of having Australia exporting its problems," Ardern said. "If the shoe were on the other foot we would take responsibility, that would be the right thing to do and I ask Australia to do the same."

Australian PM Morrison said in a news conference said that he was scheduled to speak with Ardern today , however the legislation passed in the parliament automatically cancels the citizenship of a dual citizen accused of being engaged in terror activities .

PM Ardern has state that she has an obligation towards her citizens and that the decisions , going forward , would be determined by keeping in mind the 2 small children who did not make the choice of being born in a war-zone .

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