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Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Oil Coconut - By Forest Essentials

This Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the fresh grated white flesh of strictly graded high quality Coconuts to procure the richest extract. The creamy flesh of the coconut is separated through a meticulous series of centrifuges at low temperatures. An old fashioned cold press method is then used to distil the oil into traditional wooden Kohlus, without the application of heat so as to retain the oil’s nutrients and its superior quality. This organic oil is exceptionally rich with a delicate sweet flavour. A regular massage with this tones, relaxes and nourishes the skin and muscle tissue as well as flushes the toxins from the body to give lustre to the skin. This multi-purpose oil can also be applied to the hair for its nourishing and conditioning qualities. It has vitamin E which protects from UV rays and pollution, has anti-oxidant properties and is a natural preservative.This cold pressed oil deeply nourishes, firms and tones the skin.

It relaxes the body to release muscle tension. It is a rich emollient that bestows a healthy glow to the complexion and it is free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.

It is priced in India at Rs. 925 /- , this or similar products can also be purchased through ALAGS in USA and Singapore and other countries. If you wish to place your order in any country , contact us on WhatsApp-

or buy it from the (Forest Essentials) Store Link-


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