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Ro Khanna warns Biden against a Cold War with China and playing chicken with Iran on nuclear deal

Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California who had emerged as one of the leading progressive voices in Congress regarding foreign affairs during ex-president Donald Trump's term , a role he continues to build on as current President Joe Biden attempts to rebuild America's credibility with its allies .

Rohit Khanna , an American politician and lawyer, had played a central role in putting America's involvement in the Yemen conflict on congress' radar working in association with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and his efforts have already paid off early on in the Biden government.

The Californian Democrat has also been candid regarding Iran . Amid fears that ex -President Donald Trump was on the brink of starting a war with Tehran, Khanna directed the charge to block funding from the Pentagon for any and all military action against Iran without congressional approval.

And with America's international standing damaged after the Capitol attack in January, Biden's own secretary of state has admitted that "the US government's ability to champion democracy has been weakened". Biden's career has inmate than a few ways has been defined by his involvement in foreign policymaking, however he may find that the old way of doing things just does not work anymore.

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