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Syria Wants End to Israel's 'Terrorizing' Strikes and Russia, Iran, Turkey Agree

The country of Syria has recently demanded for an end to Israeli airstrikes that they claimed have endangered both civilian and military lives and Russia , Iran and Turkey can’t help but agree.

"The repeated Israeli attacks on the Syrian sovereignty are not only a technical issue related to the safety of civil air traffic in Syrian airspace," the mission told , "but rather an act of aggression that violates the 1974 ceasefire agreement, threatening the security and safety of civilians and civil aviation."

Israel’s aerial strategy have also been seen as contrary to the international laws. The mission have said that these attacks constitute a flagrant violation of the Chicago conventions that guarantee the safety of civil aviation in the world , and a described hostile act condemned by the provisions of international law and the principles of the United Nations Charter .

On the 19th of February , during the trilateral meeting of Russia , Iran and Turkey , the three countries who represent the guarantors of a platform for resolving Syria’s conflict called the Astana process , named after the Kazakh capital which had been re-named Nur-Sultan .

In a joint statement , Moscow , Tehran and Ankara condemned the continual Israeli military attacks in Syria due to its violation of the International law and international humanitarian law and its undermining the sovereignty of Syria and neighboring countries .


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