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Black Floral Printed Bomber Jacket - Label Ritu Kumar

This black floral printed bomber jacket by Ritu Kumar is worth purchasing. It is a perfect street wear and has a bohemian look . This timeless outwear piece comes to the table with a huge variety of interesting styles, being suitable for so many occasions. Bomber jackets are versatile and fashionable. They can keep you warm during winters and make a statement as they perfectly complete numerous casual outfits. If you want to look your best with a bomber jacket, look no further. Black, as is usually the case, is the safe, classic option. It does look sleek so it makes the black bomber jacket really versatile. You can easily pair it with various outfits. Black nylon bombers look more athletic. Basically, tailor the look based on your wishes since you can never go back with black bomber jackets. This jacket is made up of velvet and it has floral work on it which makes it more unique and stylish . These jackets are trendy and never gets out of style so you must buy it.

It is priced in India at Rs.7500 /- , this or similar products can also be purchased through ALAGS in USA and Singapore and other countries. If you wish to place your order in any country , contact us on WhatsApp-

or buy it from (Label By Ritu Kumar) Store Link-


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